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UPA Finals 2009 Review- Chain Lightning Strikes.. with Fury

http://canadaultimate.blogspot.com –

A lot of teams (and their respective cities) entered the 2009 Finals with high hopes. Regionals showed us that defending champions in various divisions were vulnerable and could be beaten. With so many viable teams, team leaders (especially those in open) had a lot of different teams to game plan for. I can imagine it would be daunting. Underestimating any team could lead to an upset.

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The Huddle | Beyond The Fundamentals: Tips On Marking

http://www.the-huddle.org –

Everyone knows how to mark. As Ben van Heuvelen puts it, the combination of low hips, balance and wide arms are widely perceived as the first steps to a good mark. What do you do once you are playing at a level where a "generally good mark" just isn't good enough? What are the tricks that some of the top players are using?

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Binghamton University Real to Reel- Ultimate Frisbee

http://www.youtube.com –

In this episode of Real to Reel Binghamton Senior Cassandra Santiago introduces us to the Ultimate Frisbee team. Real to Reel films, which showcase whats happening in Binghamton, are made by students for students. If you have an idea for a video or would like to submit your own video send a message to http://www.youtube.com/binghamtonuniversity

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Thinkulti: A first look at ultimate in Colombia

http://thinkulti.blogspot.com –

Colombian ultimate has a number of the features that are common hallmarks of well-organised, competitive ultimate: tape for sidelines, lush green fields, many coaches and stat-takers, and O and D lines. There were quirks though...

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South Open Regionals Finals – Chain Lightning vs. Doublewide

http://monup.wordpress.com –

From the first point in the Regional finals on Sunday, it was easy to tell that things were

just a little bit different for Chain Lightning in this year’s UPA Series. The team from Atlanta brought home its first Regional victory in three years with a 15-10 over Texas’ Doublewide.

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2009 Socal Open Sectionals Photos

http://amychang.smugmug.com –

Photos from 2009 Club Socal Sectionals

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The Huddle | Catching 50/50 Discs

http://www.the-huddle.org –

What does a player need to do catch a floating disc that two, three, or more players have a chance to catch? What skills put you in a better position to win that battle? Those questions answered by our roster of authors, as well as some very special guests.

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