xEUCF update, ECC and Chesapeake

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Blog post about recent European Ultimate goings on.

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Mixing it up on offense

http://parinella.blogspot.com –

There are several ways to mix it up on offense so as to keep the defense honest. You can run different stacks, you can vary the emphasis on the long game, you can run set plays and counters, you can try motion offense or you can be deliberate, and other variations. How much do higher level teams do this and what form does this take?

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Canadian Ultimate: ECC 2009 Open Review

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The Emerald City Classic has grown over the years into a celebrated pre-series tune-up tournament for heavyweight UPA hopefuls, now regularly attended by the top Sarasota finishers... Now in its ninth year, ECC has again expanded its international presence...to its most competitive talent pool ever.

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MIT Ultimate: ECC: Wrap-Up

http://mittechultimate.blogspot.com –

Summary of Ironside's games from Josh Mullen (D handler).

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Force Flick: ECC Thursday and Friday

http://forceflick.blogspot.com –

Summary of various games from Thursday and Friday from Chris Kosednar (playing with Voodoo, but spectating on these days).

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Team USA Interview - Dylan Tunnell (part 2)

http://ultfris.blogspot.com –

Here is the continuation of our interview with Dylan Tunnell. Ultimate Strategy & Coaching would like to thank him for his candidness and eagerness to participate in this piece.

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Team USA Interview - Dylan Tunnell (part 1)

http://ultfris.blogspot.com –

A great interview with Dylan Tunnell of Team USA. Lots of interesting information about the experience of playing in Worlds and on Team USA.

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