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(2)If Dylan Tunnell isn't on the world games team it's pretty much a huge joke. Chain was 5-0 with Dylan and 0-2 without him this weekend....not an accident...completely changes the game when he's on the field.

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Calling a spade a spade & Ultimate as a participation sport

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I think too many of us want to accelerate this progression too fast hoping evolution through random mutations takes us to the right spot.

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Thoughts.: Throwing Thought: Forehand Hucks

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The key difference between the backhand and forehand hucks is how the body generates power and how power is transferred. Forehands are much more of a finesse throw, but you can still generate a very significant amount of power using your body properly.

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The Huddle | College Development

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Anyone that has been involved with College Ultimate knows how exciting it can be to see a fresh face become a go to player in less than nine months.

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The Basics

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Every player in this sport always strives to make him or herself a better player. So, how does a player become better? The greatest players in our sport aren’t known for having trick throws, a signature move or some other unnatural characteristic that sets them apart. They’re known for doing the basics better than everybody else. So, what are the basics?

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Georgia Declines Conference1 Offer

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After much discussion, both internally and with our friends on other teams, Georgia has decided to decline Cultimate's offer to join Conference 1.

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Process of Illumination: Let's Pick a National Team

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Yes, lots on our plate these days. Club Nationals, a looming college season, but I want to talk about something else. The 2009 World Games are just around the corner and if the U.S. national team wants to improve the selection process from 2005 the time to start thinking about that is now (or, weeks & months ago really, but now will suffice).

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