Rerun: Rules for cutting

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Rules for cutting was originally posted on July 7, 2005. This was a more concrete set of rules than the famous rules of "take what they give you, fake them into giving you what you want, fake until they give you something."

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The BEST drill for players at all levels

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There are a handful of drills that I frequently use while coaching but none of them do I use more frequently and that have a higher return on time spent than the three-person marking drill.

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Mechanical cutting

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I noticed that some of the tryouts this weekend cut very mechanically. They might fake, but then their actions do not depend at all on what their defender does. They don't even appear to be watching the defender at all.

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The Ultiverse | Will Neff

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In this episode I talk to my pick for the 2009 Men’s Division Callahan award, Will Neff. We talk about how Will got started in the world of Ultimate, his favorite Ultimate moments, and his thoughts on the future of the sport.

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Training the lunge for better throwing

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I'm not talking the standard step-forward, push back up type, I'm talking stepping at angles and especially stepping sideways. You'll see a noticeable improvement in your pivoting speed, which will in turn allow you to develop more effective fakes and generally become more capable with the disc in your hands.

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The College Championships - An Early Look

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Seedings are coming out later today but I want to take a quick look at the teams that comprise the Nationals field. Before I do so, I want to revisit my predictions from last weekend's Regionals.

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The Huddle | Zone Offense

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Bad weather? Unstoppable man-to-man O? Directional wind? Change of pace? Sounds like a zone is coming. Like a great football team that can't kick field goals, zone offense can be a weakness that dooms your season. We asked our authors for their thoughts on constructing a zone offense, both from a practice perspective as well as how they think about in-game adjustments

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