There has been an explosion of ultimate related content (blogs, photos, videos, etc...) on the internet lately. RSD has done its best to try and point people in the right direction, but the framework laid long ago has become less useful in the current internet age. Even before spammers started attacking RSD, it was hard to find content on particular topics since posts are only organized by time and date and there is no distinction made between quality, popular posts, and uninformative ones.

RSD and UltiTalk.com are great places to have conversations, which is an important part of Ultimate on the internet, but they do little to organize the content. Other sites have tried to aggregate the blogs that are out there, but they do it blindly, with no community input. BananaCut puts all of the power with the users allowing them to submit any blog post, picture or video that they see and let other users decide what should make the front page.

BananaCut.com is a Digg-like or Reddit-like website. It's a place to submit your favorite blogs, photos and videos and let the ultimate community vote on them. The front page of the site is constantly updated with whatever users find most interesting or comment on the most. BananaCut also provides a powerful search and tagging engine that make it easier to find the content that you're looking for.

Enjoy, and be sure to check out the tour to see how things work.


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BananaCut is the Digg of Ultimate content. It's a socially driven Ultimate Frisbee news, video and photo site.
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