Ultimate Techniques & Tactics - Google Book Search

http://books.google.com –

James Parinella and Eric Zaslow's book on everything you need to know to be a good ultimate player. Browse a large part of it on through this link.

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Submitted 6 years 47 weeks ago by squirt

New social networking site for Ultimate players

http://www.theultimateunderground.com –

Ambitious new Ultimate focused social networking site -

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Submitted 6 years 34 weeks ago by ivar

Thoughts.: On Goal Setting and Planning

http://mmackey.blogspot.com –

The acronym to keep in mind when you set goals: SMART.

Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Timely (have a Timeframe).

As for what those terms mean to me when I set goals in the context of ultimate...

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Submitted 6 years 21 weeks ago by Mackey

Canadian Ultimate.. Something to be proud of!!!

http://canadaultimate.blogspot.com –

If you got the chance to see the Worlds Open final, you saw an incredible match that capped off a great worlds for the whole country and the global ultimate scene. What was your favorite moment? Was it the shocking results of the Columbians in junior play? Was it the full emergence of the Japanese as an elite country? Canada's results?

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Submitted 6 years 24 weeks ago by Dave

3-Minute Interview: Tiina Booth

http://www.examiner.com –

The English teacher from Massachusetts has been an ultimate Frisbee player and coach for more than 25 years. Along with fellow coach Michael Baccarini, she is the coauthor of a new book titled “Essential Ultimate,” a guide to everything a would-be participant needs to know to play the game.

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Submitted 6 years 46 weeks ago by admin

Ray Illian, Under the Microscope

http://www.seattlesockeye.org –

Sockeye teams with Seattle University's Sports Science Department for athletic testing.

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Submitted 6 years 33 weeks ago by Dave

70 by 40 - Ultimate Ramblings: a great performance?

http://70by40.blogspot.com –

i think jam's run to the national championship was a bit of a surprise by many involved, and i can only imagine that not many people thought we had more than an outside chance at winning.

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Submitted 6 years 7 weeks ago by Dave

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