GA/SC Sectionals Preview - Georgia

http://monup.wordpress.com –

A preview of Georgia's upcoming weekend at GA/SC Sectionals, including an interview with senior Peter Dempsey.

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Submitted 5 years 1 week ago by monup

Sex and Ultimate Frisbee

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This time of year, cities around the country gear up for summer Ultimate Frisbee Leagues. Several thousand people play on the elite and college circuits; tens of thousands more play for fun, fitness and the "spirit of the game." At least that's what the brochure says. For those who play Ultimate, sex and their favorite sport are often entwined.

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SW Regional Final - Arizona vs. Colorado

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SW Regional Final highlights from Steven Prodan.

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Submitted 5 years 50 weeks ago by Dave

RSD spam

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Much of the conversation and updates in the Ultimate Frisbee community happens through the antiquated and aging technology of Usenet and NNTP on a newsgroup named rec.sport.disc. Unfortunately as of February Google’s captcha has been cracked which means that spammers can now post whatever they want onto Google Groups.

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Submitted 5 years 35 weeks ago by Dave

Sand Castle Documentary at High Tide

http://www.youtube.com –

50 characters of words that I do not want to fill out but apparently I have to fill in 50 words so I was debating on just typing "words" over and over but decided on just rambling and trying to avoid

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Submitted 6 years 1 week ago by Scott

Thinkulti: The teams in the Open division

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Searching for a format to spill some of my thoughts on Worlds, I read Gwen's post on the Women's teams. So here is my take on the teams in the Open division that we Dingos played. The other Open teams will be in Part 2.

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Submitted 5 years 34 weeks ago by ultimateplayer

Local Frisbee-throwing underdogs eye ultimate prize

http://www.charlestoncitypaper.com –

Local Charleston, SC news story on El Diablo's trip to UPA Club National Championships. "We're happy to be there, but we're seeded dead last,...we would never have guessed in our wildest dreams that we'd make it."

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Submitted 5 years 24 weeks ago by Dave

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