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Teddy's Take on His Worlds Tryout –

At the end of the weekend I felt euphoric, my dream of getting the chance to play for a team to represent the USA had come true. Though I thought my weekend could have gone better, I was happy for the chance. I never thought, through my years of playing hockey and soccer, that I’d ever get the chance to earn something with the letters USA on it.

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Process of Illumination: Let's Pick a National Team –

Yes, lots on our plate these days. Club Nationals, a looming college season, but I want to talk about something else. The 2009 World Games are just around the corner and if the U.S. national team wants to improve the selection process from 2005 the time to start thinking about that is now (or, weeks & months ago really, but now will suffice).

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How Come McDonald's French Fries Taste So Good? –

This sport is growing exponentially in high school. Being a player on a good YCC team no longer translates into immediate success in college. The level of play jumps dramatically, and without knowledgeable and experience leaders, players are left stunted in their ability to grow their skills.

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Ultimate, Refs, and the Fallacy of Objectivity –

Those clamoring for refs and their attendant arguments seem to err in their understanding of competition itself. Like all sports, even team sports, Ultimate fundamentally comes down to a competition with the self.

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Dear Match: On Objectivity –

Post about Match's recent blog & Mssui pieces.

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A Commentary on the State of Men's College Ultimate –

The UPA College Championship is dead. Long live the UPA College Championship. The College Championship no longer holds the same significance it did even 5 years ago.

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"That is what nightmares are made of." –

Wisconsin '08 was a team with a lot of talent, so much so that the idea of failure was strong enough to get in the way of their execution at times.

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Thoughts from the Callajuan –

I'm sure that I wasn't the only one surprised Saturday evening during the Callahan ceremony - twice.

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Profiling a mid-minor team –

I recently spent a couple of months in Los Angeles with my bro Bert. Of all the sweet things I got to see/experience there, the defining role I played while in LA was that of co-coach with Bert of a little team in Eagle Rock, Occidental College's Detox.

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