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Cultimate Developing "Conference 1" As New College Championship –

Cultimate will be sending initial offers to top College Open teams to join a new championship conference this week. If successful, Conference 1 will feature 25 of the country's top teams playing in season-long competition, culminating in a National Championship tournament for the top 14 teams.

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SI Tour Guy Goes to Nationals –

Sports Illustrated brought a camera to Boulder, and SI Tour Guy tacked some humor on to our sport. It's good not to take ourselves too seriously all the time!

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If I Were Jeff Kula (Nationals Seedings [Open]) –

This is a tough year to seed Nationals, if only because there is so much parity, and so much disparity between how some teams' skill level and their season performance.

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Match Diesel: My Field –

So there is quite the post on RSD about National Seedings and I agree with some people and not others. I want to start talking predictions but without pools, it's tough to do that.

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Southwest Regionals Photos –

Photos from Scott Roeder of the final day of Southwest Regionals.

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NW Regionals Rewind –

I think it's safe to say this season has been a roller coaster ride for the ages. Well really...not even a roller coaster, there weren't any up-downs..just downs...until a month and half ago...

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Call: We Made Nationals! Response: Yes! –

The story of Stanford's path through NW Regionals to make it to Nationals. Includes a prospective all-region team.

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Hold On Tight –

With fourteen teams punching their tickets to Boulder, all the focus will shift to where the teams will be seeded, and the path to the Golden Disc. Even though New England, which because of Brown has claimed as many trophies as any other Region, has yet to determine its representatives , the major questions about the 2008 UPA College Championships can be answered.

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Frisbee team lays out a path to nationals –

The football and basketball teams failed to win titles, but there is still hope for Maryland sports fans looking for another national championship.

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Ok, here we go –

Tonight is the eve of the most exciting day in ultimate to date this year. The semis have been played across the country and tomorrow will showcase the 1s and 2s across 7 of 8 regions and we'll get to see who makes the show and who gets a head start on a year's worth of preparation.

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