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Detailed Breakdown of C1 –

Cultimate attempts to re-organize the college ultimate championships.

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UK University / US College Ultimate Comparisons –

Some thoughts on the US college and UK university Ultimate scenes.

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South Regionals map –

A map for the teams traveling to Baton Rouge, La., for South Regionals 2008.

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All-Bama, Bama Rookie teams –

Now that Bama Sectionals 2008 is in the books, it is time to hand out some hard(soft)ware.

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Cultimate Incites Madness –

Centex Saturday explained by Hector, former Hodag. Definitely some, uh, notable results from Austin . . .

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Stanford Invite Photos –

Photos from the Stanford Invite 2008--mostly women (and UCLA BLU). By Anna Nazarov.

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Best Quotes from Vegas and Stanford (aka an attempt at a comedic post) –

A collection of quotes from this seasons tournaments.

"The reason everybody hates us is because we are the best team in the nation."
-Wisconsin rookies at in&out sunday after the finals

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Buffs fly with Mamabird –

The Ultimate Players Association Collegiate Ultimate Championships will be held in Boulder this spring, and the CU men's Ultimate Frisbee club team, Mamabird, is hoping for a spot in the national competition.

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National Ultimate Media Panels Rankings #2-Mens Div –

Below you will find the second Mens Division poll of the 2008 College Season from the National Ultimate Media Panel. I didn't send out a Friday afternoon reminder, which i believe accounts for the lower voting turnout. The PreSeason Rankings included 20 mens voters, and this week, only 12.

Made popular 6 years 26 weeks ago

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