The Huddle | Beyond The Fundamentals: Tips On Marking –

Everyone knows how to mark. As Ben van Heuvelen puts it, the combination of low hips, balance and wide arms are widely perceived as the first steps to a good mark. What do you do once you are playing at a level where a "generally good mark" just isn't good enough? What are the tricks that some of the top players are using?

Made popular 4 years 45 weeks ago

The Huddle | Catching 50/50 Discs –

What does a player need to do catch a floating disc that two, three, or more players have a chance to catch? What skills put you in a better position to win that battle? Those questions answered by our roster of authors, as well as some very special guests.

Made popular 4 years 48 weeks ago

Defnsive Adjustments: Downfield - Thoughts. –

Think about the kinds of tools you want your team to have in the arsenal--you don't have to have all of them, but you should have a couple--and refine them into effective weapons come game time

Made popular 5 years 3 weeks ago

The Huddle | Team USA On Specialities –

Team USA leaves today for the other side of the Pacific, where they will defend the World Games Ultimate title that the USA won in Germany in 2005. We were lucky enough to find ten members of Team USA who could answer questions about their specialties.

Made popular 5 years 6 weeks ago

The Huddle | The Comeback –

You're down 11-7, game to 15. You're defense needs to score four times to tie the game up. How do you manage a comeback? How do you call lines? What do you tell yourself and your players?

Made popular 5 years 11 weeks ago

The Huddle | The Layout Block –

You've trained, you've watched film, and you know your opponent. Maybe you've been waiting all game, all season, or your entire Ultimate life to take a layout block from that player in a big game. Like hitting a walk-off home-run. Like marching around your hometown with the Stanley Cup in your Radio Flyer.

Made popular 5 years 12 weeks ago

Mechanical cutting –

I noticed that some of the tryouts this weekend cut very mechanically. They might fake, but then their actions do not depend at all on what their defender does. They don't even appear to be watching the defender at all.

Made popular 5 years 14 weeks ago

The Huddle | Issue No. 17 –

We asked our authors for a look into how they think about their defensive matchups. How do you use your pieces against the other team? This is an incredibly complicated question, and we've specifically asked our authors to work without much information. What are the basic pieces of designing a defensive strategy?

Made popular 5 years 17 weeks ago

Team Defense –

Team defense takes time and patience. I define team defense as every person actively defending the biggest threat on the field first, and then taking care of your individual match-ups. Team defense prioritizes the biggest threat over your individual match-up.

Made popular 5 years 29 weeks ago

MIT Ultimate: Good Defense Happens BEFORE the Disc Moves –

The following are excerpts from emails that the coaches on my club team have sent to us about how to play good, fundamental defense.

Made popular 5 years 38 weeks ago

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