The Huddle | Catching 50/50 Discs –

What does a player need to do catch a floating disc that two, three, or more players have a chance to catch? What skills put you in a better position to win that battle? Those questions answered by our roster of authors, as well as some very special guests.

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Mixing it up on offense –

There are several ways to mix it up on offense so as to keep the defense honest. You can run different stacks, you can vary the emphasis on the long game, you can run set plays and counters, you can try motion offense or you can be deliberate, and other variations. How much do higher level teams do this and what form does this take?

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Rerun: Rules for cutting –

Rules for cutting was originally posted on July 7, 2005. This was a more concrete set of rules than the famous rules of "take what they give you, fake them into giving you what you want, fake until they give you something."

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Mechanical cutting –

I noticed that some of the tryouts this weekend cut very mechanically. They might fake, but then their actions do not depend at all on what their defender does. They don't even appear to be watching the defender at all.

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The Huddle | Zone Offense –

Bad weather? Unstoppable man-to-man O? Directional wind? Change of pace? Sounds like a zone is coming. Like a great football team that can't kick field goals, zone offense can be a weakness that dooms your season. We asked our authors for their thoughts on constructing a zone offense, both from a practice perspective as well as how they think about in-game adjustments

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The Huddle | Issue No. 17 –

We asked our authors for a look into how they think about their defensive matchups. How do you use your pieces against the other team? This is an incredibly complicated question, and we've specifically asked our authors to work without much information. What are the basic pieces of designing a defensive strategy?

Made popular 5 years 17 weeks ago

The Huddle | Breaking the Mark –

In our first Issue of 2009, we wanted to explore one of the first concepts that every players learns: breaking the mark. Modern defenses rely on the mark to limit the available field space for the thrower. Great players can escape those limitations. How do they do it?

Made popular 5 years 23 weeks ago

The Huddle | Endzone Offense –

We asked a group of very successful endzone cutters to describe their habits. Be it pretty, ugly, efficient, patterned or random; a goal is a goal, and only scoring matters.

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MIT Ultimate: Good Defense Happens BEFORE the Disc Moves –

The following are excerpts from emails that the coaches on my club team have sent to us about how to play good, fundamental defense.

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The Huddle | Cutting From The Middle Of A Horizontal Stack –

Horizontal stack offenses have become the new paradigm in a relatively short time. Many teams have adopted these types of offenses as initiation, rather than continuation, continues to be sought in the face of pressure defenses at all levels of the game.

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