Training the lunge for better throwing –

I'm not talking the standard step-forward, push back up type, I'm talking stepping at angles and especially stepping sideways. You'll see a noticeable improvement in your pivoting speed, which will in turn allow you to develop more effective fakes and generally become more capable with the disc in your hands.

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The Huddle | Breaking the Mark –

In our first Issue of 2009, we wanted to explore one of the first concepts that every players learns: breaking the mark. Modern defenses rely on the mark to limit the available field space for the thrower. Great players can escape those limitations. How do they do it?

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Thoughts.: "Outliers," 10,000 Hours, and the Crucible of College –

I've heard it said that you need to perform a throw 10,000 times in order to master it (e.g., 10,000 forehands), which is perhaps an ultimate paraphrasing of the 10,000 hours rule--for the uninitiated, this states simply that in order to reach an expert level of proficiency at something--ANYTHING--you need to invest about 10,000 hours into experience/practice/whatever you want to call it.

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Thoughts.: Throwing Thought: Forehand Hucks –

The key difference between the backhand and forehand hucks is how the body generates power and how power is transferred. Forehands are much more of a finesse throw, but you can still generate a very significant amount of power using your body properly.

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The Huddle | Issue No. 10 –

There's likely no play more exciting in Ultimate than the huck. A team puts everything on the line for one big throw, for a moment of glory. But how do the best throwers in the game throw the disc so far and with so much accuracy?

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Thoughts: Ultimate Links Compilation –

This is more or less the compilation of all the useful ultimate-related links I've read.

I did a lot more blog reading last year and especially the year before that, which is when I came across most of these--that was the golden age of ultimate blogging...

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Great throwers don’t pivot –

The funny thing is half the people teaching ultimate teach people to pivot as if it is central to being a good thrower. And the other half that don’t stress pivoting, aren’t stressing not pivoting… they’re just ignoring it.

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How to Pull. Advanced –

Talks about the different trajectories, grips, throws, and several types of releases you may want to try on your pulls.

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Aspects of throwing practise –

Many of you may be familiar with the standard set of 100 throws. They're effective, but there are other aspects we can vary (speed, height, etc...). So here are 2 other sets of throws you can use.

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