Team USA Interview - Dylan Tunnell (part 2) –

Here is the continuation of our interview with Dylan Tunnell. Ultimate Strategy & Coaching would like to thank him for his candidness and eagerness to participate in this piece.

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USA Worlds Team Announced –

On Monday the UPA, along with head coach Greg Connelly, announced the 20 person roster for the 2009 IWGA World Games in Tapei this summer. Of the 20, thirteen will be named to the full squad and seven will remain as alternates. The squad is as follows:

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Teddy's Take on His Worlds Tryout –

At the end of the weekend I felt euphoric, my dream of getting the chance to play for a team to represent the USA had come true. Though I thought my weekend could have gone better, I was happy for the chance. I never thought, through my years of playing hockey and soccer, that I’d ever get the chance to earn something with the letters USA on it.

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parinella's blog: Worlds 2008: the experience –

But overall, people were amazingly friendly, certainly to me and my team. I think I mentioned once before, I enjoy my nanocelebrity status. I got a lot of "Good game, Jim" in the line after the game, people introduced themselves, and I even got VIP access at the finals (worse seats, but free beer).

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The Huddle | International Ultimate –

International Ultimate is a wide, wide world. In this feature, The Huddle presents a spectrum of authors writing about their countries and how ultimate is played and prospers there.

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The Ultimate Experience - Canadian Worlds Team –

Both 17-year-old Caitlind Lusty and 19-year-old Shaw Dungate of Barrie have something in common... Having been named to their respective Canadian teams, the pair has qualified for a week of grueling international competition in a sport many have never heard of.

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Mssui - Buzz Who? –

Over the last 19 months they've shown dominance on three continents - first by winning the 2006 World games in Perth, then by barnstorming America's elite with a finals run at ECC 2007, and topping it

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Potlatch All-Star Game To Support Team USA –

With the World Championships mere weeks away, the Seattle Sockeye are training hard to represent the United States well.

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American Dream –

Aside from all the College Ultimate going on, there is this little tournament in Vancouver happening this August 2nd-9th, the WFDF (World Flying Disc Federation) World Ultimate and Guts Championships. In accordance with the WFDF rules, a team is invited to represent their country if they win their country’s National Championship the previous year.

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